Launching UrbanBogan Website – Coming Soon

4th June 2017:

UrbanBogan is extensively working on the upcoming launch of Website. There is an amalgamation of excitement and nervousness among us. Its true that creativity cannot be defined or explained in B/W and this causes an ever-lasting battle between hard work and efficient work well, we are in middle of this battle since almost 1 year as we started work on our collection in June 2016. And since Marketing is a continuous process, so currently we are also busy in showcasing our products on Facebook and Instagram. Well website is almost done undergoing final testing and then that’s it! We will be ready to take orders, exciting eh!
WHAT is driving us? – We have been getting lots of love and appreciation from friends and family especially over our Instagram account (@_urbanbogan), we are damn proud to say that we already scored more than 3000 lovely followers! Isn’t it great! We already sold a couple of our products offline and have got positive feedback too. We are looking forward to having all our products displayed on website asap and getting the reviews and reactions from a greater audience.

For the sake of saying it – At UrbanBogan we deal with only authentic leather and so we are very particular and possessive about the quality, style and colors and we are excited to subscribe your reactions once you receive our products. Folks, this is a huge step for us by leaving our 9-5 corporate life and give birth to UrbanBogan but the look of joy and excitement on our customer’s faces is worth all the risks and efforts. Am glad we had that courage and motivation to do it and am sure our customers can see the same through our beautiful products.

So hang on tight mates as this is going to be FUN!