URBANBOGAN is a one stop shop for premium quality bags, leather goods & lifestyle accessories with down to earth aesthetics.

WHY Leather?

We at URBANBOGAN believe that leather is forever (other than Diamond of course!). Among few other things leather is something that is been used by mankind since early stages of evolution, only the design and processing techniques have changed. This is the most natural fabric available to humankind.

We aim to create simplest of design with finest quality leather and accessories, additionally we try to include daily accessibility features in our products. With meticulous research and planning  the most suitable leather for every product is picked. Most of our wallets and handbags are made of Full grain Veg tanned leather which matures with the prolonged usage. Such leather has a tendency to react with the exposure to sun and oil from hands and deepens the complexions. Our philosophy is ‘NOT to re-invent the wheel but just put the fancy Nuts & Bolts differently to make the same Wheel look Elegant yet solving the same old purpose!’.

WHY ‘Ethically Made’ Leather?

According to recent studies Australia generates 500,000 tonnes of landfill wastes every year from Textile and Fashion industry! Which means its a high time to create an eco-system which is benefiting everyone, including Mother Earth.


URBANBOGAN is a startup by a creative couple who bargained their clichéd 9-5 desk job to make beautiful creations out of authentic leather procured from India. Couple who chose to bring URBANBOGAN to this world before their biological child 😉 So this first Child not only represents a brand but also stands for a personality which speaks for itself. Two contrasting personalities juxtaposing in one entity, something which can be found in almost all of us. With an aim to represent the culture of this land which is an interesting blend of  Ancestry, Informed, Self-righteous, Classy, Outgoing, Risk takers, Funny, at times Reckless, Adventurous, Fair Dinkum and of course a bit of Bogan. But above all its Aussie! URBANBOGAN is formed out of us to represent us, not just with in Australia, but globally as well. An aspiring brand far from conventional designs, and a brand name far from conventional French Accented names (at least the brand’s meaning is clear:)).

With top quality material and artistry of workers, URBANBOGAN aims to effortlessly provide a long lasting experience to the buyers, this is how our tag line was forged ‘Effortless Perfection’. We at URBANBOGAN strive to create products which are rugged – durable at core yet very chic and modern in design.



What makes us an Ethical Business?

At URBANBOGAN every product is handcrafted and hand stitched to keep the originality and uniqueness intact. We produce items only in limited stock which makes every product attractive and exclusive in its own. Whether it is a backpack, or a ladies handbag every piece will have something unique about it.

We ensure;

  1. All chemicals are properly washed off the leather surface as part of leather tanning process.
  2. We do twice a year physical site inspection of manufacturing units to ensure Ethical waste disposal system is regulated at our tanneries.
  3. Our manufacturing units strictly adhere to NO Child Labour policy (which is sadly prevalent in Developing countries).
  4. There exist safe and hygienic working condition for workers in factories, especially female workers.
  5. There are well defined Quality Control checks in place for our products at different stages of production cycle.
  6. Last but most importantly, we have decided to donate a part of our earning to Mission Australia towards young Aussies dealing with Mental Health issues and few Non-profit organisations in South-East Asia to sponsor under-privileged kids education.

As a result, we proudly create products which are not only safe for our customers to use but also favourable to the environment and our society.

URBANBOGAN has tie-ups with reputed tanneries and Manufacturers possessing years of niche experience and mastery on Drum Dyed, Vegetable Tanned, Aniline, Nappa, Natural Dry Milled and Oil Tanned leathers. These handpicked manufacturers follow the ethical environment favouring methods and techniques to prepare leather and produce final products.

Our Model

  1. We  work with multiple manufacturers to provide Best priced & Quality goods.
  2. We deal directly with manufacturers and not involve any middleman/Agents in entire Supply Chain which again gives us the levy to offer the best possible VALUE to our customers.
  3. We do not involve any Brick & Mortar (real estate) – This directly helps us to keep the Production and Sale Price in check.
  4. We work on very limited margins.

With such an Ethical and Profitable model URBANBOGAN welcomes Wholesalers and Corporates for tie-ups and Bulk Ordering for personalised Leather products made out of Authentic and Ethically sourced leather.

We really hope URBANBOGAN could provide not just high quality and safe products to consumers but also becomes a contributor to the safety and well-being of the environment, something that we all can share and cherish for a long time.